Conference Facilitation

We are able to facilitate executive conferences, retreats, strategy sessions, focus groups and other group sessions. In a relative short time, together with our client, we can propose a well thought through design, including inter active exercises, leading to realization of the meeting objectives.


By aligning the design on the meeting objectives it becomes possible to create an open atmosphere based on trust. We will guide the participants step by step to come to a common conclusion, a direction, a vision, a decision, a new way of working and above all inspiration and energy.


Beside facilitating, we are also providers of speeches on international conferences.

Themes we are familiar to speak about

  • Future of Leadership, in a VUCA-world
  • Three components of an agile organisation
  • How to create an agile workforce
  • Agility a trendy word or a must ?
  • How to avoid fear in your organisation.